Our mission is to create, build and develop a mechanized agriculture distribution system, that focus on total care and wellbeing of people

To adopts best practises, research and digitization in all value chains of agriculture and agric-economy

Achieve food sufficiency, poverty eradication as well as industrial growth

Provides agriculture, farming equipments, animal feeds, franchising opportunity , and any other agricultural or horticulture needs for individuals or group

Creates jobs and business for Nigeria youth, young university graduates and intended farmers

Empower the youths and young university graduates in Nigeria to be independent, by providing training and franchise for them in the area of agriculture

Establish farm business across the state, so that Nigeria can be self sufficent in food production

Diversification of the Nigeria economy

creates jobs and businesses for Nigeria youths in the agricultural sector


To be in the forefront of agricultural innovations for sustainable agro-economic and industrial expansion

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