No to hunger and starvation
No to hunger and starvation

Dee Farmers Limited is a diversified full time family farm that provides wholesome food and sustainably produced products for our community and export to other countries

we are a business that others can learn from, most especially in the area of providing franchise for farming business and empowerment of our youths to be independent and financially secure

Dee farmers were family that helps the youths, young graduates and those interested in establishing farming business, be self sufficient, and financial freedom in the field of agriculture

We work in partnership with our animals and with natural world to provides quality services and support to those who have passion for agro-allied industry

Also, we support the youths, young university graduates, and farmers who share our vision of sustainable agriculture and strive to be as self sufficient as possible


Poultry: Chicken, guinea fowl, turkey, day old chicks, poults, and Guinea, eggs (hatchery and layers) etc.

Livestock: Goat, sheep, cow, snail and fish hatchery

Vegetables and fruits: Rice, cassava, beans, yam, Apple, cashew nuts, honeydew,soya beans, water melon and other varieties of fruits and vegetables

We also provides franchise for youths, young graduates and intended farmers